Talent Rates

  • Booking Fee15% of the Base Rate of any booking
  • Verify Profile Fee45$
  • Updating Photo for Verified Members25$
  • Declined Card Fees5$
No Monthly Fees apply!
  • Online Profile
  • Verify Profile Fee
  • Updating Photo for Verified Members
  • Declined Card Fees

Booking Fees

For example, if you are booked on a job that is $250/8hrs and $50 for wardrobe, you will be charged $45. The Base Rate is the total minimum you are guaranteed at the beginning of the day. If you received overtime you will not be billed extra. The Booking Fee is non-refundable if you cancel. If production cancels on you the fee will be waved. ​

Verify Profile Fee

Coming to verify your identification is not mandatory, however, we find that casting directors prefer selecting talent that have had their identification and union status verified. A photo taken by our professional photographers is included free with your verification. ​

Updating Photo for Verified Members

Verified members may update their photo by our professional photographer at any profile verification / Photo sessions. We announce all photo sessions by emailing all registered talent a few weeks prior to the photo session. ​

Declined Card Fee

Credit cards are processed the day of the project shoot. If your card is declined you will be informed via mail. If you provide a valid credit card within 72 hours of this email you will not be charged a declined card fee. Our only goal is to keep all billing information up to date. ​